Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Colour Burst RED

The Colour Burst idea was something I started a bit before christmas that grew out of doing a large page full of things relative to a certain feeling or type of genre or specific subject. After realising my occasional adding to these doodles and the theme I seemed to have in mind, I decided to do a series of them with the colours used all being in different shades of the title colour.
This is Colour Burst: RED i.e: Rage, Anger or Horror being the kinds of thoughts from such colour in this case.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oh So Retro

I have been playing with this doodle with the idea in mind for it being a t-shirt design to submit online somewhere like "Threadless" but along with still picking at a dozen other drawings and digital ideas plus getting distracted by new things like this, I cant think strait on whether to add more colour to this as a Tee. As a general picture I have some other bits that go with it and depending on my satisfaction with it I will post that up as a full colour design some other time but for now Im just thinking about it as a shirt and if the line art is fine without much colour or not?
I may edit this post with a more coloured version aded. Thought Id just post this to ask if anyone likes this as it is or has any opinions on it?