Monday, 26 December 2011

Last of the Advent pics

I've been doing my usual for xmas, sat doodling randomness (new stuff adding to my list of bits to finnish..sigh) and lazying about reading comics of course so I kinda could not be to bothered with the messing about with my computer yesterday, thus Im posting these now. Also I don't have a greatly decent working scanner (the one I have is bloody useless) so I have tried to get some okay photos for now hope these pic are liked by all. I wont be doing anymore painty stuff like these ....well, it depends on my creative flow or whatever but I have more than enough other stuff to get on with so its enough of the acrylic paint pics for now I think, gonna get on with all unfinished an half started mini projects, Merry yesterday and Happy next week to all you creative goons.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Strange advent calendar, day 5-10

With putting myself a bit behind last week with this advent idea, I kinda just got into doing them each at a day and half pace (that half being when most people are sleeping). My plan was to put them up on a day by day basis but once I had caught up with myself slightly I thought I may as well batch them all together....did anyone else do that as a kid try to wait a week or two so you could eat half an entire advent calendar in one morning....was that just me...sigh.
So here are all of the past weeks and I seem to just get into an idea forget about posting anything and wake up a day later in a mess of paint on my the others from this week will be up as soon as I remember to post them instead of going onto some other work.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Strange advent calendar , day 3/4

Ok I got a bit behind due to being unable to ignore some life stuff and just plain making more work for myself, cant ignore an idea you know, plus trying to finnish some other work (of which i do hope to get up soon....ish). This was started and going good on saturday then some stuff happened, (stuff involving me being really tired and fainting...seriously...I have also fainted on the treadmill before....yes painful) so it took a bit longer then planned. That plus it being a double page of stupid detail acrylic means it counts as two days.....CAUSE I SAY IT DOES don't argue with me Im too tired.
But anyway unlike me this Clown Monkey Jellyfish thing gets its protein and likes eating fish, I kinda hate myself for the hassle of the captions as fun as they seem, far too much for a simple monster pic.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Strange advent calendar , day 2

Alien bee stingy allergy :P
My scanner has really had it, I didn't think I was gonna get this up, but for now I've just resorted to a photo. Will update it with a better scan at some point.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Strange advent calendar , day 1

I was thinking one of the best things about Xmas when I was my chubby little self was Advent Calendars, basically an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast.

But I’m all grown up now, so I thought as a way to get back at some real paint practice (I rely on this blasted machine far too much) I would do my own kind of Monster advent calendar thing (I’m sooo grown up: P). The gist is pretty simple I get to doodle and paint a strange looking thingy every day till the months up...more a personal test and eventual reward then the simple eating of chocolate but its still a good plan.

So new monster post every day and let me know what you think as I am really out of practice with my acrylic work, I am still multi tasking with other stuff also, so if i get these up late it should not be more than a day out if at all.