Sunday, 27 July 2014

Surfs up OctoGirl

Look a little rad surfer Octo-Girl that I finally had chance to apply some colour and such to digitally.
My computer is not super reliable these days
(like now its died again and Im lending someones laptop to finish odd bits with limited software and upload) so its rare that Im getting much digital illustration done with any ease. But this little lady was very fun to do non the less and Im quite happy with how she is looking.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Derby pics catch up

Heres a few Roller derby pics id done a bit ago and recently that i realised id yet to have posted on this blog. From top down features pics inspired by Sheffield steel Roller girls,Newcastle Roller Girls, Durham city Rolling Angels and Middlesbrough Milk Rollers.
I have now a Tumblr  and a Deviant page which i may be more attentive to if not posting here to often as with some of these images. 

Have quite a few things going, keeping busy with a few different projects so bare with me and will have more stuff up soon.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


Bit of a gag pic what with hearing of lots of people getting games and consoles recently. Don’t get me wrong id happily join in but i spend any cash i get on comics and art stuff and even thats minimal. Hope you like anyway.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Into The Grey

(I suppose I should state Spoilers-ish for anyone who has not seen the film The is ok not super but worth checking out for some pretty scenes and then come back perhaps depends if you think a possible ending variation is needed.)


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Doom Swan v Cyclops Bear

That classic tale of Demonic hell-spawned dark magic empowered Swan vs Technologically altered Bio-mecha engineered giant eye beam blasting Bear.
I started at skating practice not long ago with The Inhuman League, sheffield guys Roller Derby team.This is just a fun monster fight idea I had in relation to the leagues interleague teams the Doom Swans And Cyclops Bear. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Fantasy Medieval Princess/Knights Roller Girls

Did this picture of Fantasy Medieval Roller derby princess and Knights taking on a Dragon in flight a wee bit ago. Now making me think of all the strange mario cart tracks you’d get in the old games, try to imagine a Roller derby game for a selection of odd characters bouting via impossible tracks such as flying dragons….talk about making a task that much more challenging…eesh. Original idea an uniform design inspired by SSRG (Sheffield Steel Roller Girls)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Colour Burst: Green

Green themes of Creation and Nature

The Colour Burst idea was a thing I thought up a year ago and it was meant to just be something i could throw lots of stuff meshed together in some kind of themed thing with the most used colour.....I did Red in relation to Rage and perhaps Horror and drew up one or two versions of the other colours but never really continued with some so I decided to make it one of those idea's to just do when it feels like it fits.

Colour Burst Green in the themes of Life, Creation and Nature was originally a much simpler design (can you believe) to begin with and I first drew it last november (I think) but I didn't care for it after a long time staring and not being sure about it. Eventually after going off and on I returned to it some time in march and re-did a bunch of bits adding and destroying. It became something I would sometimes have a play with while offhandedly sorting other doodles and life crap.    
If Im honest I may still feel the need to make adjustments on this but for now I just think it's time I got it up online and get on with some other stuff. 

Hope whoever see's it likes it, and thanks to anyone who might have been waiting for some new stuff up on here apologies for long Hiatus of sorts but I do intend to get some more stuff up soon. 
TTFN ^__^