Thursday, 24 February 2011

Extra TJ bits

These were some possible poses and colours i was playing with, the bottom being a slightly closer hug to the TV and a version without the stripes, the next up just colour variations and the top is just some added background textures that i was playing with.

TV Junkie Designs

I was recently asked to design a TV hugging monster and since Im thinking of lots of Demon critters anyway, well i could not refuse the idea once it was in my skull. I gotta say even though the good ally who asked me may see it as a favor, i honestly think i got just as much out of this idea as herself.

Im now thinking of the backstory to these creatures being something like them really being Demons of Entertainment and certain different varieties of them existing, in this case the TV junkie who was generally a regular entertainment demon prior to the invention of Television.

Will also say as this idea came from little info on its need that id be interested if anyone fancy's sparking me off with any other possible Demon ideas (im currently designing one relative to Anxiety and other related issues in that area i think) im not exactly out of ideas as im drawing stuff like this all the time but id still be interested to here anyone views on maybe (like the anxiety idea) there personal demons.

lastly of course big ups the ally in question Lisa-"RhythmicNova"-Smith,(
a good friend, advisor and generally someone who shines at slapping me for occasionally being the low self esteemed arse you all love me for being ;p.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lead Characters

I had always planned the comic for these two would be a sort of double whammy book staring with "The Mysterious Perils of Cryptic Bunny" in the first part and "Creative Genius" in the second. Altho my original idea for the second title was gonna be "Creative Mentality" (this being the story of the lower character Sly and his awareness of demonic things and mental state due too creative energy and lots of other weird shit) and i am still sort of unsure on that but i will sort titles out later or just as i go with it.

A Guligan and A Cyclops of my own making

Little by little I am getting character drawings coloured and up on this, mostly doing demonic ideas right now (tend too always be thinking them or aliens anyways) that in my minds eye do relate and will be involved at some point in one of the story's that im starting via my Final Major Project work for university.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Poetry competition thing for Uni, involve lots of randomly thought up and doodled buildings in order top get from the poem more on the ideas of space and corners and angles and hard to reach thingy's and...and.....aww heck i just got drawing lots of odd buildings and it seemed to look good in relation to the poem, so there it is.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Character stuff

These are character bits that do have a place in an upcoming story in relation to my FMP however i never planned to have them feature till later on, so for the FMP piece its just character design bits, i wont be getting them into a story for a long while i don't think.

AW tag

As i tend to use my initials of the AW locked together now and then when marking my work this was some odd mess i though id play with to make a good looking trademark thingy.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Holiday Haters

I did a Valentines gag drawing for myself, as i am a proud and true holiday hater or it always seem to be that way anyhow whether i want to like the holidays or not i still somehow end up finding myself really angry at them just for existing i also have a major hatred for Greeting Card manufacturing, so in this ironic play of my hatred for them i have stooped to the level of these drawings by continuing with an Easter bunny also. I am likely to maybe do more Holiday Haters in future.