Friday, 14 October 2011


Over the past month or so I've not been entirely satisfied with much of anything and so I've been slowly making progress with ideas on a few projects, one being a [Children's] comic I have been wanting to do, of which I have mostly character plans so far. Im also just generally practicing with some things to get me back into it full flow, id consider this a somewhat decent sign that Im getting there. As alway's I have a couple sketch pads with lots of unfinished ideas in them, but Im just wanting to work on main ideas for full projects, 4 or so currently in mind the comic being one.

But anyway I have been wanting to do some film art pics for a long while and thought it would make for good practice plus its sorta one of those few projects Im thinking of. Hopefully if I don't get distracted by some more ideas and whatever else then I will get some more work up soon.
Hope this is liked, Im thinking to maybe do a Goonies meets .....nah you can wait for that ;)