Saturday, 18 December 2010

A rant of Make-believe

I believe in powers and magic, I believe in story.

My reasons may differ to others. Most individuals will consider their tale to be about themselves. I am not the lead role in what's to be thought as my story.

I am in others as merely a guest star, an extra and a silhouette of a later featured character. But that is understandable and necessary.

As with my own story I am still simply a necessity for the lead role to blossom. I am the vessel of the great explorer and the stage of the brilliant actor.

My skill, My idea, My creativity is the main character of my tale, therefore in turn of myself to It, I am It’s tool, It’s voice, It’s Connection.

I am of no use and little importance, what of me that is seen of value is all It's doing, the creative, The Idea.

The Idea is super power, The Idea is real magic, for most people, they see themselves as the controller of their idea, their magic.

They believe The Idea will grab you and make you see what you are able to do with it.

As I perceive it The Idea will grab you and make you see what its able to do with you.

It’s the Vibe in a musician’s muscle’s and the energy bursting through a dancer. It’s the passion at the end of a paintbrush and the vision at the end of a sentence.

Like with all story’s there is good magic and bad.

For some it’s a blessing and for others it’s a curse.

It’s the true magic, it can consume you and as I believe it, in a worse situation, you can consume it.

Some may have it but not realize and do so by investing years of study into a possible adoption. Learning or buying an upgrade of magic enabling them to view and absorb information, which will wash over them with a new euphoric clarity.

But dark magic is also viable this way, thinking it needs improvement, thinking of it as yours and not its own trying to sway its natural course. Be wary this is dangerous and could ruin both you and It.

I am a slave to my skill, but a happy and great full slave. It gives me meaning; its story is one I never tire of. Its my master, my colleague, my friend, my only magic and power.

If you ask me of my beliefs, of God, of Santa, of Love. I may not believe in these truly and honestly.

And yet in contradiction to that, I am as anyone with a pencil in hand, poem in pocket or song on their lips, I am part of an Idea.

These qualities and much more are a result of this magic, so yes your damn right I believe.

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