Saturday, 22 January 2011

Monsta Muffet

Little miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet about to eat her Curds and Way then came a huge scary as hell spider and grabbed up miss muffet and shot up into a tree.

Gloomy she awoke all stuck and tied up with the snapping of scary Spider jaws in her face, “Wait” said Miss Muffet her eyes wide with desperate fear.

“Wait?..... for what?” Said the huge incredibly scary as hell mother F***in Spider, “Erm…” murmured the Muffet “Me of course”.

The Spider of large very very scary proportions gave an odd look with his many eyes crossed in clueless confusion “Eh?” said the super ugly huge, wet yourself twice, mega scary Spider.”What do you mean? Wait for you?” said the, you better get the effing point by now scary Spider

“Well wouldn't you rather have your Way with me than eat my Curds” said the quite obviously sleazy Miss Muffet.

“WHAT?” said the reasonably dignified if still very f***in scary Spider “ you sick little twist” said the disgusted but icky slavering huge scary Spider “ I’m a mega Huge scary as hell wet yourself twice but slightly dignified Spider” said the pre-described Spider “Why would I want your Way when I can gobble up your Curds” The Spider looked at her very insulted “Your sick you are”

and then he ate her…….

What, you see the picture, that’s how I tell it… really. :)

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