Thursday, 24 February 2011

TV Junkie Designs

I was recently asked to design a TV hugging monster and since Im thinking of lots of Demon critters anyway, well i could not refuse the idea once it was in my skull. I gotta say even though the good ally who asked me may see it as a favor, i honestly think i got just as much out of this idea as herself.

Im now thinking of the backstory to these creatures being something like them really being Demons of Entertainment and certain different varieties of them existing, in this case the TV junkie who was generally a regular entertainment demon prior to the invention of Television.

Will also say as this idea came from little info on its need that id be interested if anyone fancy's sparking me off with any other possible Demon ideas (im currently designing one relative to Anxiety and other related issues in that area i think) im not exactly out of ideas as im drawing stuff like this all the time but id still be interested to here anyone views on maybe (like the anxiety idea) there personal demons.

lastly of course big ups the ally in question Lisa-"RhythmicNova"-Smith,(
a good friend, advisor and generally someone who shines at slapping me for occasionally being the low self esteemed arse you all love me for being ;p.


  1. This is amazing! I love the idea of the Demons not necessarily being 'demonic' but more a representation of natural instinct.

    In a sense, they're really rather personal and very, very unique - so Art, I reckon once you have an idea of the number of different Demons you want, to think about how you react to certain situations. Or perhaps even get feedback from several others to see what the general perspective is on representing an emotion.

    Fantastic drawing, as per! Best of luck to you and to Lisa Smith! :)