Monday, 11 April 2011

Guilt Demon

Often Nicknamed "Guilt Guardians" or "the Wondering Judgements" these demonic often male swordsman trek through the astral plane touching every realm linked with the sub-conscious mind and thus becoming a cause for guilt in individuals or feeding upon those vulnerable to feeling great guilt. These creatures are held responsible for suicide's caused from self judgment or actions taken by another's greed to cause guilt in others for unjust reasons. As a form of Damnation those who are great sufferer's of guilt or exploit their position in its usage will be either damned to a sentence of so many centuries as a follower of a Guilt Demon or most usual for men they may be reborn as a Guilt Demon and be shamed with the eternal feeling of their entire life's guilt caused by them to others as well as their own judgment. The Creatures are usually distant memory's for any creature in conscious worlds they are always with a blade of some form for reasons unknown and have a very large cloud of guilty souls damned to follow them like fly's on a corpse.