Friday, 14 October 2011


Over the past month or so I've not been entirely satisfied with much of anything and so I've been slowly making progress with ideas on a few projects, one being a [Children's] comic I have been wanting to do, of which I have mostly character plans so far. Im also just generally practicing with some things to get me back into it full flow, id consider this a somewhat decent sign that Im getting there. As alway's I have a couple sketch pads with lots of unfinished ideas in them, but Im just wanting to work on main ideas for full projects, 4 or so currently in mind the comic being one.

But anyway I have been wanting to do some film art pics for a long while and thought it would make for good practice plus its sorta one of those few projects Im thinking of. Hopefully if I don't get distracted by some more ideas and whatever else then I will get some more work up soon.
Hope this is liked, Im thinking to maybe do a Goonies meets .....nah you can wait for that ;)


  1. Liking the combo of movies, you've made them go together well. Smooth :) Good title n'all, made me smile :D

  2. Thanks dude i was quite dubious of peoples opinion of this due to the film popularity. I have some other film combo's as mentioned planned that I hope to get around too and likely be just as nervous about.

  3. the new "childrens" comic sounds like an awesome concept man! been reading what you said to joe, sounds like you found a gap and filled it. When you get it started you should show it around more.. see if you can get it out there .. i think it will be rather well received. ALSO, I am intrigued about this character you mentioned to be slightly based on me .. :P haha

  4. Ha yea i have some character stuff for all of the main characters that I will post up along with the first two pages when Im confident about them enough. watch this space.