Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Delirium who was once Delight...For my Sis

My Sister Lorraine and myself where only close when we where younger, she went through some changes just like the girl above and I was never very approving, in a way I gave up at being a brother at some point. About a week back my sister was hit by a car and killed I know that this is maybe not something I should put in a blog for my art work but this blog is more than just showing what skill I have. Its also sharing the inspiration, reasoning and general ideas behind any artwork and Delirium (the above character from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series) tends to be the only comic book characters who ever reminded me of my Sister and kind of made me hope that Id sort stuff out and build some bridges eventually. I find the similarity in the change of Delight into Delirium to be relative in a way to my sister and I may not be one for large emotional concern in family matters however I can get something out in a creative way and I hope or I like to think she would have liked this.
Its a small simple thing but its something. Rest in peace Sis, and Sorry.


  1. You and your sister had an unspoken bond. You may not have been vocal with each other, but you'll always have a connection. And you both 'got' it. You both accepted how things were. Everything in its own time. Delirium is a fascinating character.

    Much love to you. xxx

  2. Im not quite sure about that but I know you mean well with thinking that.... I don't really think me and her had much of bond at all....thats kind of where the problem was as she had very little to bond with if you ask me... but.. I guess if with maybe aspects of our different yet still awkward social issues and us each having a kind of psychological problem that we...or I perhaps...refuse to deal with, on those details you may have a point but the reason why Del reminded me of her at times was due more to her being a mess and that she never really "got it" at all really, we were similar in our very obvious disfunction and problems but totally opposite as characters really. Thanks for the comment and i appreciate the care shown. Id like to know more really in comment about the art itself though and probably should have made the details of my sister less so in order to shine more light on the fact that she was simply a catalyst for this drawing, this is after all a blog more for my artwork. Hope I don't come across as an extremely insensitive prick in saying that but its me being honest...It was an idea and I provide the details of how the idea came about there is nothing else much to it...I may have felt slightly different when I first posted this but Im quite sure its still more just for the creative stuff with me. Im sorry if it worries you in any way but there is no need to be concerned Im not really that phased by it. Thanks again though.