Monday, 29 October 2012

Roller Derby Monsta Mash

I started this idea ages ago and then went and had other ideas that I realised may be better and I kinda added the odd bit to this every so often as I do with many unfinished personal project things and then I thought Id may as well just sort this in order let myself think more on another few Roller Derby based ideas I want to do with paint, as Im realising more and more how much I miss painting and not relying entirely on my digital arts.
But the Ladies featured in this are a few of the Newcastle Roller Derby and will be featured in my next bigger Derby piece.

It's not just the Newcastle Roller Girls Im thinking of though as I did the illustrations on this for the Blokes team Tyne and Fear a few weeks back and the design was put together by NRGs Big Smack.
Plus Im thinking at the moment of some single image beaten up but still standing Roller Girl pictures from other northern teams (Think its only right I stay northern for now and let it grow with any new teams I meet, wherever I roam) Hope all is loved and liked and watch out for any stuff that Iv hinted at..(sorry if Im not getting much up recently too many things and trying to move find work all that jazz)

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