Monday, 2 December 2013

Into The Grey

(I suppose I should state Spoilers-ish for anyone who has not seen the film The is ok not super but worth checking out for some pretty scenes and then come back perhaps depends if you think a possible ending variation is needed.)


I remember when the film The Grey starring Liam Neeson came out...and in all honesty I took little notice thinking it to be another "don't fuck with Neeson" type film...and it is on a level that but its fairly better than I had expected and when I first gave it a watch earlier this year I was impressed with how it became one of my a remembered film for whatever reason (along with a bunch of others to fall under my radar). At some point a month back I watched it again and was still happy with it but could not stop feeling this need for a shot of the fight we don't get to see much all for open endings, love them... but I REALLY wanted to see Neeson smack that broken bottle gripping fist across the wolfs chops....(I hope I'm right in thinking im not the only one who was thinking that at the point when he is getting prepped for wolfy fisticuffs). So the end image in this sequence is not really in the film and for all I know is entirely wrong, its just my personal interpretation the first blow may have gone differently but thats part of the fun with such films imagining our own variables.

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