Sunday, 2 June 2013

Colour Burst: Green

Green themes of Creation and Nature

The Colour Burst idea was a thing I thought up a year ago and it was meant to just be something i could throw lots of stuff meshed together in some kind of themed thing with the most used colour.....I did Red in relation to Rage and perhaps Horror and drew up one or two versions of the other colours but never really continued with some so I decided to make it one of those idea's to just do when it feels like it fits.

Colour Burst Green in the themes of Life, Creation and Nature was originally a much simpler design (can you believe) to begin with and I first drew it last november (I think) but I didn't care for it after a long time staring and not being sure about it. Eventually after going off and on I returned to it some time in march and re-did a bunch of bits adding and destroying. It became something I would sometimes have a play with while offhandedly sorting other doodles and life crap.    
If Im honest I may still feel the need to make adjustments on this but for now I just think it's time I got it up online and get on with some other stuff. 

Hope whoever see's it likes it, and thanks to anyone who might have been waiting for some new stuff up on here apologies for long Hiatus of sorts but I do intend to get some more stuff up soon. 
TTFN ^__^ 

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