Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My doodle of Nikki Stu's Herald Owlett

I actually get out and go places more now it seems. Having gone to see Bjork earlier this year which of course was a glimpse at heaven (don't stare at me like that i feel your judging eyes, she is beautiful I don't care how old) and realising I should finally get to a con/festival or two, I got myself to Thought Bubble in Leeds this past weekend in order to see a bunch of arty seminars on self publishing and maybe meet some arty peoples whom Id thought may be as secluded and strange as me. (Im still a stranger even in that crowd)

But anyway to the topic of the above art (this is the part you skip too if the art is all your bothered about) Herald Owlett is but one of the orgy of magic I had stuffed into my eye sockets over the weekend and yes I could make a big deal over Tim Sale or Richard Starkings maybe have a go at one or two of their character work but everyone does that. So being someone who finds character design as my most favoured and interesting area of story and art craft, i found myself loving this character and Nikki Stu's design of him with her style. Although I did this I do of course believe that her style is one of the aspects that makes his character stand out so well.check out Herald and all of Nikki's work at her blog here Nikki-stu.blogspot

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