Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My First Munny: Sculpt and Paint

Here is some images of my Munny design I came up with months ago. There was the original sculpt and then I went and re-did the face a couple times as it did not look right and then I realised the wrongness I was seeing was due to the Munny figure I bought not being entirely level, basically the left ear is odd angled as opposed to the other side. So I had to make up for some of that in sculpting.

I have been quite distracted the past few months with looking for a place to live and coping where I am which Im still doing but as you can see the sculpt and paint is sorted. I have started some of the Teddy bear half's sewing but I am also wanting to tend to other things that I have so far been unable to get too. So I will post the finished TED/DEMON Munny a.k.a Triple Six Ted as soon as Im able.

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