Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Strange advent calendar , day 3/4

Ok I got a bit behind due to being unable to ignore some life stuff and just plain making more work for myself, cant ignore an idea you know, plus trying to finnish some other work (of which i do hope to get up soon....ish). This was started and going good on saturday then some stuff happened, (stuff involving me being really tired and fainting...seriously...I have also fainted on the treadmill before....yes painful) so it took a bit longer then planned. That plus it being a double page of stupid detail acrylic means it counts as two days.....CAUSE I SAY IT DOES don't argue with me Im too tired.
But anyway unlike me this Clown Monkey Jellyfish thing gets its protein and likes eating fish, I kinda hate myself for the hassle of the captions as fun as they seem, far too much for a simple monster pic.

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