Monday, 26 December 2011

Last of the Advent pics

I've been doing my usual for xmas, sat doodling randomness (new stuff adding to my list of bits to finnish..sigh) and lazying about reading comics of course so I kinda could not be to bothered with the messing about with my computer yesterday, thus Im posting these now. Also I don't have a greatly decent working scanner (the one I have is bloody useless) so I have tried to get some okay photos for now hope these pic are liked by all. I wont be doing anymore painty stuff like these ....well, it depends on my creative flow or whatever but I have more than enough other stuff to get on with so its enough of the acrylic paint pics for now I think, gonna get on with all unfinished an half started mini projects, Merry yesterday and Happy next week to all you creative goons.

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